Welcome to my far distant corner of Wonderland.

It looks like you have stumbled upon our series called Forgotten; here you will find a wonderful collection of forgotten homes, abandoned buildings, lost cities, forgotten items, and many more things.

    Through this series we tell stories of things that time has long since passed over and left to nature. This series is a long ongoing project that I enjoy doing. It has gone through my rebranding as a professional photographer several times over the years. From Niche Portraits to self-titled, before I remarried Jess Atkinson, to my final company name Jess Lynn.

    The photos located on this site are just a little glimpse into the series. From time to time my little family and I go on adventures and explore our surroundings. We stumble upon untouched nature, abandoned buildings, architecture, man-made objects, and places where nature has taken her claim back on the land. I hope you enjoy looking through my eyes and my lens as we explore Georgia and hopefully more states and places to come. But for now, Forgotten in Georgia, is my main collection of works, who knows maybe one day it will turn into a gallery showing or possibly even a book.

    We do offer a few select prints and items that are available for purchase, on canvas, framed and matted prints, post cards, and more. If you would like a fine art print or a decor item for your home that features some of my work, please feel free to check it out in our store or even pass along my page to other art and nature lovers. Shutter Clicks ❤ Jess.

To Quote Lewis Carroll From Alice in Wonderland:

Alice: “How long is forever? “White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.” Time is a relative concept, especially in Wonderland. The difference between then and now, a second and a day, a long and a short period of time, can be intangible.
If you know of an area you would like us to explore in Georgia please send us a message via the contact section of the page or send us an email to bookasession@jesslynnphotos.com.

         Also, check out my personal blog: Unconventional Momma


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